God's Cure to the Coronavirus

Our nation has several vaccines for the coronavirus. The Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine and the Johnson and Johnson vaccine just to name a few; but these vaccines are NOT the cure for the coronavirus. The vaccines help, but they are only a band aide. This book is not a health cure attempt for the coronavirus, nor is it a scientific attempt to cure the coronavirus, because the author does not believe that the coronavirus is completely a health or a scientific ‘problem’. The author believes that the coronavirus is a ‘spiritual problem’….and therefore, there must be a ‘spiritual solution or cure’. The author attempts to prove it in this book….GOD’S cure for the coronavirus.

1000 Consecutive Days of Fasting

KILO SIERRA FIVE ONE is part auto-biography, part history book on the policing of one of Britain’s toughest cities; Portsmouth. Written by a Police officer who experienced at first hand a turbulent and violent decade, it takes us from his very first days at training school in 1978 right through to the late 1980s and includes national events like the year-long miners’ strike, the Falklands conflict, New Age Travelers, the Greenham Common Peace Camp and the 1987 hurricane. But it is perhaps the local incidents he attended that will make you either laugh, cry or shout out loud in disbelief as he deals with human beings and all their failings, from horrific car accidents to football hooligans he gives us a candid view of what it’s like to be involved in such incidents and how it can affect the lives of those that do. This book tells the story of his first years in the ‘the job’ and how he very nearly got thrown out because he didn’t measure up. It’s a warts-an-all personal account, a real-life Ashes to Ashes.

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